Monday, 14 February 2011

Danny and Robbie in Glasgow U17s Squad

McCluskey and Mackie in Glasgow Squad

Glasgow U17s Head Coach Peter Laverie confirmed that Danny McCluskey and Robbie Mackie had been selected for this season's squad.

"This is another great tribute to the hard work of the volunteers who coach and manage our young players at the club. Danny and Robbie have done very well - add them to the three players in Glasgow Under 18s and six in Glasgow Under 16s and it marks a tremendous achievement for the club."

He added, " We have a tremendous set-up for young players at the club and whilst they can't all make District squads there are still large numbers of them playing a very good standard of rugby, enjoying the game and contributing to the life of the club. With teams thriving at every level it really is a credit to the efforts of everyone involved."

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