Thursday, 16 February 2017

Ayr Rugby Academy media training

Ayr Rugby Academy isn't just about improving what you do on the pitch; the youngsters who attend sessions also learn skills that are useful for life away from rugby, and on Wednesday afternoon, the U16 boys undertook some media training.

Laura Hamilton, a media trainer and freelance writer, has worked with school children, university students, graduates and employees from international companies on how to present themselves professionally in on-camera interviews, job interviews, meetings and press conferences.

As well as giving tips and advice on how to appear confident and natural in front of the camera, Laura also spent time discussing the perils and pit-falls of social media and how people can use it responsibly.

The boys then conducted video interviews with Ayr RFC media co-ordinator Elena Hogarth before holding a mock press conference, with academy director Stuart Fenwick taking on the role of journalist and asking the boys some difficult on-the-spot questions.

The academy players enjoyed the afternoon and thanked Laura for her help and assistance.

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